The Healthcare Consultant with a Fore-Ward Vision for Your Practice

Guiding the Way to Practice Excellence

The healthcare industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Healthcare executives must keep themselves informed of this constantly changing industry. When you work with a healthcare consultant like Fore-Ward Healthcare Solutions, you can focus on your organization and your patients, with confidence that you have someone on your side, helping you position yourself for delivering care tomorrow.

The definition of “fore” is situated, or placed in front. We all need to be looking ahead and preparing our healthcare organizations for the technology that is disrupting the way healthcare is delivered. Fore-Ward Healthcare Solutions (FWHS) will ensure that you’re par for the course with your billing and collections to optimize your bottom-line. We also help you keep up with telemedicine legislation and implementation to provide an impeccable level of care to all of your patients in the never-ending quest to improve the health of your patients, reduce costs, and enhance the experience your patients receive from your providers.”

At FWHS we help organizations provide meaningful care that significantly improves quality and increase net income.

Founded by Glenda Hill, MBA, FWHS, brings a distinctive knowledge of healthcare economics, markets, business and technology to help diagnose where your practice can gain the tools to formulate a plan to move ahead.

FWHS will help you meet the challenges that the changing healthcare environment presents, while enabling you to pursue the goals of improved patient experience, reduce costs and increase outcomes.

Our services include Telemedicine,  Medical Billing & Coding and the MediTouch EHR Platform.