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We Help You Provide Meaningful Care and Increase Your Net Income

In golf, when we need to warn those ahead of us to be aware of what is coming at them, we yell “FORE!”.  That is precisely what Fore-ward Healthcare Solutions does for our clients. We stay on top of the industry so we can help our clients see what is coming at them and prepare accordingly. We all know the tug-of-war in healthcare organizations; administration wants providers to spend less time with each patient so they can see more patients in a day. Providers want to care for their patients and spend the time necessary to ensure quality care. Fore-ward Healthcare helps bridge that divide. We help organizations provide meaningful care that significantly improves quality and increases net income. Our solutions include consulting, telemedicine, EHR, administrative functions, revenue cycle management, and call center work. The experience of our team spans over 100 years of experience in fields such as finance, marketing, durable medical equipment, clinic administration, and hospital supply chain.

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The Healthcare Consultant with a Fore-Ward Vision

Healthcare executives must keep themselves informed of this constantly changing industry. When you work with Fore-ward Healthcare Solutions, you can focus on your organization and your patients with the confidence that you have someone on your side to help you be positioned to deliver meaningful care well into the future.

The experience of the team at Fore-ward Healthcare spans over 100 years with expertise in finance, clinic management, hospital supply chain, durable medical equipment, marketing and B2B sales. We can help you define your goals, strategies, and tactics to move your organization in a positive direction. Our solutions provide you with the tools to see patients in a meaningful way, significantly reduce operating expenses, and increase your net income. To learn more, click on the link below.

Fore-Ward Healthcare Solutions’ (FWHS) comprehensive, integrated solution which is HIPAA compliant provides an easy-to-use EMR system, with ties to most pharmacies and lab groups.
Medical Billing & Coding
Since each medical specialty has its own unique needs when it comes to coding & billing, we customize our services to meet your specific billing needs, reducing overhead and increasing collections.